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My eBook is almost here!

I’ve mentioned in various posts that I’ve been writing a book. It’s now in the review process at Amazon, and should be available in a day or two, depending on how long they take. Look out for the title “Unleash Your Dreams: Going Beyond Goal Setting”. I’ll let you know as soon at it’s available. I’m […]

The Most Important Word

In the pursuit of self-development and personal growth, there is one word that is probably more important than any other. Can you guess what it is? That word is “why”! I’ve been using the word since I went to university in the 70s. I remember one of the first times I used it, while studying […]


I was inspired by my previous post to create a new one, using a different “acronym”. Liberating If, as I suspect, we are eternal beings who are experiencing being humans for a reason, the reason must be very important. It’s probably because it’s liberating in some way: from boredom, from lack of change, from omnipotence […]


I remember an English teacher once saying that, if you have no idea what to write, you should choose a word and treat it as if it were an acronym. Try to make each letter have something to do with the original word. This is good advice even if you do have an idea what […]

Time, Eternity and Immortality

As a quick side panel to the main discussion about time, I would like to go briefly back to the subject of Time, Eternity and You. The point I’m considering is that of eternity being endless time. If this is true, are the two times (“real” time vs. “eternal” time) running in parallel? If they […]

Time and Free Will

If you’re beginning to feel confused by the last two posts, don’t worry. Time is a very complex and confusing thing. Scientists can’t even explain why time seems to flow in the direction it does. You’ll hear a lot of things about the Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy, and the arrow of time, but what […]

Time vs. Time

To continue the discussion, time is not equal to time, depending on which theory of physics you are contemplating. Relativity vs. Quantum Theory One of the greatest problems in modern theoretical physics lies in the reconciliation of relativity and quantum theories. Both the Special and the General Theories of Relativity are classed as deterministic theories. […]

Time Redux

Wow, more than a month has gone by since I last posted. Doesn’t time fly! All this has got me thinking about the subject of time again, so I’ll be spending the next few posts back on the subject. Let’s start by looking at some of the scientific views on time. How fast you think […]

One Step at a Time

Lao Tzu tells us that every journey of 1000 miles begins with but a single step. This is of course true of every journey that we take. But have you ever considered that, having taken the first step, the rest of the journey still has to be made? This means that the next step is […]

Service Thinking

If you are British or watch British television, you may have seen the advertisement for car insurance where the actor talks about “Three Things; service, service, service!” When I first saw it, I realised that service thinking has been on the decline for years. Haven’t you noticed how reluctant people are to render service to […]