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Using More of Our Brains — or Maybe Not!

We’ve all talked about using more of our brains. After all that’s what personal growth and self-development is all about, isn’t it? Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear that we use between 1% and 10% of the total capacity of our brains. The theory is, if we could use more of our brains, […]

Passion, Obsession and Letting Go

We have all used the word “passion” at one time or another to indicate something we are truly and deeply involved with. I’ve often done the same thing myself; I’m passionate about writing and teaching. However, have you ever realised that passion is often associated with obsession? We tend to become obsessed with those things […]

Ask and You Shall Receive

Most of us have heard or read this biblical quotation at some time in our lives. You have to ask God, the universe, and other people for what you want, or no one will know that you want it. In the last few days it has been brought home to me with incredible force. As […]

Needs, Wants, Choices, Having

Another night, another niggle. Last night I was thinking about the previous post I made, and the differences between needs and wants. Needs are the things we need to survive, especially at a physical level. This view is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where everything is seen as a need. From Maslow’s point of […]

Altruism vs Self-Interest

Something I said near the end of my previous post has been sticking in my mind and niggling me. I talked then about having a particular dream in life for selfish reasons, which led me to consider both selfishness and self-interest. Both these terms have come in for a lot of bad press, but there […]

Sharing Knowledge

Happy New Year to everybody! I hope this year brings you joy, and new knowledge and experience. Apropos knowledge, I remember coming across a “law” of life some time ago, similar to Murphy’s Law: Roger Lincoln’s 2 Rules for Success: 1. Never tell everything you know. It’s a good joke, but nowadays, hoarding knowledge is […]

Best Christmas Present

This morning (I still haven’t gone to bed, so it’s still Christmas Day for me), I went to church to celebrate Christmas communion with my parents, one sister, her husband and her son. The vicar asked us what the best Christmas gift we had received was, and it got me thinking. I realised that the […]


This is going to be a long one. As I mentioned on my about page, although I have never had a conscious OBE, I have had three experiences which might be OBEs while in an altered state of consciousness. I leave it up to you to decide whether they were. Post-Operational OBE At the age […]

Pomodoro? Caprese? Coffee!

Have you come across The Pomodoro Technique [unsolicited plug]? It’s a method of dividing up your work time, to ensure that you work in a concentrated manner in short bursts. Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes, a period the author calls a “pomodoro”. You then work until the timer rings, allowing nothing to […]

I’ve moved!

For the first time in 15 years, I’ve moved from one place to another. This time, it was not a simple move from one town to the next, but leaving one country and moving to another. I left Switzerland, where I have been living for over 30 years, and returned to England, the land of […]