I don’t know if you’ve come across a book by Dr Joe Vitale titled The Midas Touch. He got together a group of authors and let each of us contribute a chapter on a subject of our choosing. Below, you can see a selfie of me holding a copy of the book with Joe’s and my pictures on the cover.

The book is available as a paperback or Kindle version on Amazon. This is an unsolicited plug as I don’t get a share of the profits; it’s all about increasing the exposure of the contributors.

The problem is, we were only allowed 1,000 words for our chapters.  While I was writing my chapter (I Am Responsible For What Happens To Me), I found I had a lot more to say, but I was forced to prune it down. So I’ve decided to add the rest here.

Basically, what I said in the book was that we’re responsible for what happens to us. After discussing some of the ramifications of this idea, I concluded that, since we’re responsible, we’re in control. If we’re in control, we create the reality we experience.

As you may have gathered from other posts I’ve made on the subjects of time and immortality, I believe in reincarnation. In my world view, we come to this world to learn and experience things that are impossible to learn and experience in eternity. In other words, we chose to be here and we selected these lessons.

Think of life as a school, or better yet, a university, where we choose the courses we want to take. Some of them are compulsory, but many are additions we can take or not, at our whim. No matter what we choose, we need to learn; it’s why we came here.

What we need to learn depends on each of us. Everyone has their own path to follow, and we each have to find it out for ourselves. This means that we have to take responsibility for our lives. We’ve chosen to live this life, thought particular thoughts and taken certain actions, so we’re accountable for what happens.

The problem is, most people don’t want to have that responsibility. They’d rather complain about how hard life is than admit to themselves that they are precisely where they belong, given the thoughts and actions of the past. If they’re not responsible for the situation, they don’t have to do anything about it.

However, since we are responsible, it’s up to us to change what we don’t want. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get going, turning our thoughts and actions into those that will lead us to where we say we want to go. Although I don’t subscribe to the “no gain without pain” school of thought, I do believe that we need to make an effort to achieve our goals. Just sitting on the sofa and repeating positive affirmations and visualisations may get us what we want, but we’ll get there a heck of a lot faster if we get off our duffs and add action to the affirmations and visualisations.

In the long run, all responsibility is self-responsibility, just as all discipline is ultimately self-discipline. This is a hard bolus for all of us to swallow. I admit, I’ve often found it easier to complain that the Universe is at it again and it’s out to get me. But in the end, I’ve had to take action to correct the situation because no one else is going to do it.

If I'm responsible, then it means that it's all under my control! In turn, that means that I can make things up as I go along. If I  don’t like how things are, I can alter circumstances and change the world around me. Of course, it’s not always as easy as that because everyone around me is doing the same and the result is a consensus of all our goals. But we can change far more than we believe is possible .

I’ve made believe that something is true, only to find later that it was true. The question is: did I create this new reality or was I merely acting out a reality that was going to happen anyway. Either way, it doesn’t really matter because that reality did occur. It’s just more comfortable to believe that I was the one that brought it about.

Remember, another term for making it up as we go along is creativity!

So I’m going to repeat what I said at the end of my chapter of The Midas Touch: I am responsible for everything that happens to me, so I am in control and I create my reality!”

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