As a quick side panel to the main discussion about time, I would like to go briefly back to the subject of Time, Eternity and You.

The point I'm considering is that of eternity being endless time.

  • If this is true, are the two times (“real” time vs. “eternal” time) running in parallel? If they are, then future incarnations will only be in the future. What happens in “eternal” time when “real” time comes to an end? Does another “real” time get created?
  • If they are at an angle to one another, then one may seem to be moving “faster” than the other, or they drift apart somehow, or there will be some other kind of disconnect between them. What that may be, I don’t know.
  • On the third hand (making me feel like an alien or octopus), they may have no direct connection to one another at all. If that is the case, then it is possible that “future” lives might lie in our “past”.

All of this presupposes that we are immortal and live multiple lives, of course.

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