Do you know what you want from life? Unconsciously, I’m sure you do, but you may not be aware of your dreams. What do you daydream about? What are your wants?

There are so many areas:

  1. Financial
    How much money do you want? Do you want it as income or as lump sum in the bank? How would you spend the money? Would you prefer securities?
  2. Interpersonal
    What sort of relationships do you want? Spouse, lovers, friends? How many do you want? What sort of intensity should they have?
  3. Possessions
    Do you want a new car? What make and model? How powerful? What use would you make of it? How many do you want? Or do you prefer collecting works of art? How about first editions? Watches? What about a house or two? What do you want to own?
  4. Personal
    Do you want to diet or develop a killer six-pack? Have cosmetic surgery? Develop charisma and become a public speaker?
  5. Create something
    Do you want to write a book? Fiction or nonfiction? Paint a picture? Sculpt a bust of your spouse? Write the next app for your iPhone? How can you be creative?
  6. Doing good?
    Who do you want to help? What sort of aid do you want to give? How do you think you can best be of help?
  7. Something else
    There are many other areas of life in which we all have dreams. What are yours?

The most important things to know are what we want and why? The second answer is in some ways even more important than the first. If we know why we want something, it is becomes that much easier to achieve.

For example, if you want a million dollars, do you know why? Do you want just to go wild and spend it? Do you want the financial security of having the money available if you need it? How about using some of the interest to better your lifestyle? What is your reason for wanting that money?

The same goes for any other thing or situation we want in life.

Of course, the base reason for wanting anything is to be happy. We believe that owning a new car, or having a million in the bank, or having a new lover, will make us feel happy. And feeling happy is the be all and end all of wanting something. Wanting something that you know will make you unhappy is the height of insanity, and most of us successfully avoid going down that road.

So, think about what you want in your life, and why. We’ll get back to the subject later, and think about ways of achieving what you want.

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