I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here, but that’s because I’ve been putting the finishing touches to a book I’ve written titled Unleash Your Dreams: Going Beyond Goal Setting. Like many of you, I’ve been frustrated by goal-setting courses that seem to fall short of giving you tools for personal development; instead they just show you how to set goals for work and/or career. This book is meant to fill that gap.

Before I publish the book on the Internet, I’m looking for a few people to proofread it, giving me feedback on any typos and bad grammar, and telling me if it makes any sense to them. After all, I’m human, and I’m using a computer to write it, two well-known sources of error! If I get endorsements as well, I’ll be very happy.

Once I’ve integrated the feedback, I’ll publish the book as a PDF, to be followed by Kindle and paperback versions, if I can get the formatting correct. There might even be an ePub version.

Drop me an e-mail at admin@stephenoliverblog.com if you’re interested, and I’ll send you a draft copy as a PDF. Please send me the feedback within a couple of weeks, so that this doesn’t drag out too long. Anyone who proofreads and gives me feedback will get a free copy of the finished product, format to be selected by the proof-reader.

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