We have all used the word “passion” at one time or another to indicate something we are truly and deeply involved with. I’ve often done the same thing myself; I’m passionate about writing and teaching. However, have you ever realised that passion is often associated with obsession? We tend to become obsessed with those things we are passionate about.

In all cases, however, passion and obsession require a sacrifice. This sacrifice may be of time, money, or other possessions; it could even lead to the sacrifice of people or relationships, as is often the case with fanaticism. To a fanatic, any person or relationship that is not directly connected to, or aids in, his or her fanaticism, must be discarded at all costs, or even destroyed. In its  extremest form, it requires self-sacrifice and/or self-destruction. Remember the definition of a fanatic: “someone who redoubles his efforts because he has forgotten his aims.” Is this the sort of extreme behaviour we want to indulge in?

Being passionate about something, like everything else, should be carried out with a little moderation. And this moderation includes the most important thing of all: letting go. As I mentioned in the last post but one, we often cling to the things that we want. If we are absolutely passionate about something, or even obsessed with it, we tend to hold tightly onto it, or we start pushing the river. This last phrase, coined by Fritz Perls, means that the river flows by itself and does not require anyone to push it to make it flow. If we push the river, we are only wasting time and energy, and are probably interfering with the achievement of our dreams and wishes.

If we hold tightly onto our wishes and dreams, we are in effect preventing the universe from doing anything about them. Because we are saying “this is mine, mine, mine!” we are refusing to let anyone or anything help us in achieving what we really want to have. By being overly passionate and obsessed with our dreams and goals, we actively discourage them from reaching achievement.

Are you ready to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to achieve the goal about which you are so passionate? Are you ready to pay the price? Are you ready to let go?

As in everything, the choice is ours and ours alone.

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