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Why Do We Need Mortality?

Going back to the theme of the last post but one, the questions of mortality and immortality have still to be discussed. If we are indeed immortal, why do we need mortality? My thoughts on the subject, in no particular order, can be summed up as follows: If eternity is endless time, then the biggest […]

Defining yourself

A few years ago, I was eating lunch with a friend of mine who is a Zen priest and teacher. A group of us sat around after the meal, which had been eaten in silence in the Zen tradition, discussing essence and definition, while drinking cooled green tea (which is very healthy and refreshing). My […]

Time, Eternity and You

When considering our relationship with eternity, we still have to ask the most important question: are we immortal? We know that physical immortality is, at the moment, a pipe-dream. The individual particles, atoms, etc. of the body do survive, since matter, like energy, cannot be created or destroyed, only changed in form. Did you know that, […]

Time and Eternity

Following on from yesterday’s post about time, I would like to consider eternity. In the next post, I’ll talk about how we relate to time and eternity. Have you thought much about eternity? What is your view of what it is? Depending on my mood, I have two different conceptions: Eternity is like time, only […]

Handling Time

This is the post I intended to make earlier today. Have you ever considered how you process time? I’m sure that you’re aware that our perception of time is variable: there are times when time seems to speed by, and others when it’s at a veritable crawl. It’s all about subjective perception. There are different […]

Causes, Effects and Thoughts About Mortality

I’m collecting my Mother from hospital this afternoon. Two days ago, she started to have pains in her left thigh. Having broken the neck of her right hip years ago, she has been limping to the right. When she woke up, she had unexpected pains on the left. They were worse yesterday morning, so we […]

About Gurus

Like most of us, you have probably heard the term Guru being used and misused. What does the word actually mean? In the original Sanskrit language, it means no more than master, as in someone who has mastered a subject, or teacher. Any teacher; no more, no less. A guru teaches his or her chelas, […]

Hi there!

If you’re thinking to yourself: “Not another blog about self-development and personal growth!”, then you’re right. It isn’t. My definition of these terms is much more inclusive than that of most people. I believe that any learning experience, no matter what area of life it’s in, helps us grow. A few examples: Learning a new […]