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The Go-Giver

I hadn’t planned on making a post today, but the Universe intended otherwise. Last night I downloaded a book called The Go-Giver, which is available in hardback, paperback, audio book and Kindle forms. It was recommended by John Thornhill, whose courses One Month Mentor and Marketing Masterclass I am taking. I started reading it this morning […]

It’s a Magical World!

Planetary[*], a graphic novel from Wildstorm, has a particular theme running through the 27 parts. The protagonist Elijah Snow and his assistant Jakita Wagner say on various occasions: “It’s a strange world. Let’s keep it that way.” They’re almost right. It is indeed a strange world, where the largest living organism is a fungus in […]

How Are You Doing?

You’ve had a few days to think about what you want from life. How’s it going? Are your dreams bright and fantastic, or dull and pedestrian? Among of the biggest problems today are the words “cannot” and “can’t”. From birth onwards, we are told what we can’t do: “You can’t have that last cookie”, “You […]

What Do You Want From Life?

Do you know what you want from life? Unconsciously, I’m sure you do, but you may not be aware of your dreams. What do you daydream about? What are your wants? There are so many areas: Financial How much money do you want? Do you want it as income or as lump sum in the […]