I was inspired by my previous post to create a new one, using a different “acronym”.


If, as I suspect, we are eternal beings who are experiencing being humans for a reason, the reason must be very important. It’s probably because it’s liberating in some way: from boredom, from lack of change, from omnipotence and/or omniscience.

The last pair needs some explanation. If eternity is timeless (see my earlier posts Time and Eternity, Time, Eternity and You and Why Do We Need Immortality?), then it’s likely that, in our eternal aspect, anything we can conceive will automatically occur. If that’s so, then being alive and not knowing everything must be an amazing adventure.


As I’ve also mentioned, life being as short as it is in comparison to eternity, it’s highly intense.  Emotions run high and we get high off them, no matter whether they are “positive” or “negative”. This intensity is why I believe we come back again and again. Think how you feel when you’re in love, or you’re scared out of your wits while white-water rafting. You want to repeat the experiences, don’t you?

Fantastic Fun

The real fun lies in discovering the world and everything in it. If we deliberately forget what it’s all about, finding things and finding out how it all works (i.e., discovering the rules of the universe aka science and philosophy) is the best fun there is. Just as much fun is discovering each other and sharing the experiences together.


Being of such short duration, life is ephemeral and soon over. Then, like some addict reaching for his/her drug of choice, we want to experience it again, and again, and …

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