This is going to be a long one.

As I mentioned on my about page, although I have never had a conscious OBE, I have had three experiences which might be OBEs while in an altered state of consciousness. I leave it up to you to decide whether they were.

Post-Operational OBE

At the age of 6, I underwent an eye operation to correct a lazy eye, a condition where the eye twists inwards when you’re tired, causing you to squint and look cross-eyed. After the operation, the eyes are covered for a day, then the unoperated eye is uncovered, allowing you to move around.

I was in the children’s ward of the hospital, in a bed next to the window. There were four beds in a row on each side of the ward, so I was furthest from the entrance on the right-hand side. Because this was a children’s ward, there were decorations (pictures, letters and numbers) along the top of the wall, just under the ceiling. This will all become important shortly.

It was the first time I had ever had an operation, so I had no idea what to expect. After a pre-op injection, I was given a general anaesthetic and became unconscious.

As I woke up, I became aware that I was not in a normal position. I seemed to be floating just under the ceiling, on a level with the decorations at the top of the wall, facing the ceiling itself. It did not seem to be at all unusual, and I was calm and unscared. I turned over and looked down to see a figure lying on a bed with both eyes bandaged. It was not the bed I had been in up to this point; it was on the opposite side of the ward, and was the second from the entrance. A moment later, I was lying in bed with my eyes covered; it was the bed I had seen from above.

Of course, I possibly picked up clues about my position through my ears.

It would be more than a decade before I realised what might have happened.

Visiting the Family

During my last two years at school, I was in the Boarding House. I was studying for my A-levels, and we didn’t know whether the school in Cyprus would have the right curriculum. At the time, I used to write my dreams down, a practice I have followed sporadically over the years. Some weeks before I was due to fly out for the Christmas holidays, I had a strange dream.

I was in a darkened room with a stone floor (which appeared to be some sort of marble). As I knelt on the floor, I pushed my fingers into it without leaving a trace. I felt that it would be possible to push something into the floor to hide it, and only I would be able to recover it.

To my left was a wall that seemed to zigzag, with light shining under it. I went through the wall and found myself in a lighted corridor. As I walked down the corridor, I noted a darkened kitchen to the right, and bedrooms to the left. In the far bedroom to the left, the older of my two younger sisters was sitting in front of a mirror, brushing her hair. I walked behind her to look in the mirror, but something startled her and made her scream. I ran back down the corridor, through the glass doors at the end, dived over the balcony railing, and flew away.

I flew into my bedroom at school and lay down on the bed. At the time, even as I dreamt, I wondered why the room was reversed left to right. This turned out to be a clue, although I didn’t realise it at the time.

When I arrived in Cyprus, we drove to the flat that my parents had rented. It was a strange experience, because it was the flat I had seen in my dream. The only difference was that everything was reversed left to right! The folding concertina wall that separated the living room from the corridor was on the right, the kitchen on the left, and the bedrooms on the right.

How could I know how the flat looked when the rest of the family had only recently moved in, and I had never even seen it?

Visiting a Friend

The third happened while I was studying at university. Among our group of friends was one young woman with whom I fell in love. Unfortunately, she fell in love with my best friend at the same time, so I kept quiet.

One night, after the whole group of us had spent the evening together, two of us walked her home, because she lived in a farmhouse off campus, roughly a mile down a darkened country lane. We left her at the door and walked back to campus. It was the first time I had ever been to the farmhouse, so I had had no idea where exactly she stayed.

That night, I had a dream where I was half sitting, half leaning against something while I faced her and talked to her. She was sitting on her bed, and there was a large wardrobe behind the bedhead to my left.

When I told her the next morning, she nearly freaked out, because it was exactly how her room was laid out, including the colours of the wardrobe and the bed cover. Two of us walked her home that evening, and she invited us up to her room. It was exactly as I had seen it, and I had apparently been leaning against the edge of the desk under the window.

Again, I saw something that I had no way of knowing what it looked like.


Whether you call it an OBE, astral travel, remote viewing, or anything else, something was definitely going on.

My only frustration is that I have been unable to do this consciously, despite years of trying. I have bought numerous books and products from the Internet, but none of them has worked. Does anyone know of a method that does work? If you do, please drop me a line at

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