Phew! I’ve finally got the paperback version of my book finished, uploaded and active on Amazon! I tell you, there is nothing quite like the feeling of holding a copy of your own book in your hand, the child of your own mind. It’s wonderful!

It was nowhere as easy as I’d hoped, or even feared, it would be. I discovered that, if you want your book to look professional (not perfectionism, just professionalism), you’ve got to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. If anyone tells you otherwise, reach for the saltcellar; you’re going to need a lot of grains of salt.

Sure, it’s easy to convert something to PDF if you have the right software, but ensuring the quality of the photos and images, making sure that the text fits in right inside the margins, preventing the last line of a paragraph (or even worse, section or chapter) from being left orphaned on the next page, all take time and diligence. Proofreading and checking for typos is another time-intensive activity. Plus that annoying thing call Real Life keeps getting in the way…

Anyhow, here it is. If you want to purchase a copy, please follow the links below:

Kindle Version



Kindle version




Paperback version

If you enjoy the book, why don’t you leave a comment on Amazon?

I hope the book reaches and teaches you as much as I learned while writing it.

Ah well, time to start the next book and get back to normal blogging…

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