You’ve had a few days to think about what you want from life. How’s it going? Are your dreams bright and fantastic, or dull and pedestrian?

Among of the biggest problems today are the words “cannot” and “can’t”. From birth onwards, we are told what we can’t do: “You can’t have that last cookie”, “You can’t go out and play”, “You can’t have X as a boy/girlfriend”, “You can’t have a pay rise”, etc. Do any of these sound familiar?

All of these limit our choices, and often those choices become so internalised that they limit our lives. We settle for second (or even third) best, instead of reaching for the stars.

If you’re having problems like this, pretend that you’re six years old. It was a time when anything seemed possible. We dreamed of being policemen, firemen, even spacemen! We pretended to be Superman, Batman, the Green Lantern, and other heroes. Why not pretend that you’re that old, and imagine what you would want to be?

Not all dreams can come true, but that’s no excuse for not entertaining them. For instance, one of my dreams is to walk on the moon. At my age and level of fitness, that’s an unlikely dream, but who knows what may happen? It could be that someone builds a hotel there, complete with spaceships to provide transport, at a price that is affordable (are you listening, Sir Richard?).

What would you want, if you knew you could have it, without any problems and difficulties? Why aren’t you dreaming about that? Who knows what may happen in the future, if enough people dream about it happening?

Now go out and dream and daydream, and find out what you really want!

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