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Earlier today, I was just watching a program on daytime TV called The Wright Stuff (Channel 5, UK), which airs between 9:15 and 11:10, Monday to Friday. It’s a discussion program with a host and a panel of three guests who talk about what’s in the news. One of the topics this morning was whether […]

My Paperback Book is Here!

Phew! I’ve finally got the paperback version of my book finished, uploaded and active on Amazon! I tell you, there is nothing quite like the feeling of holding a copy of your own book in your hand, the child of your own mind. It’s wonderful! It was nowhere as easy as I’d hoped, or even […]

eBook is here!

Unbelievable but true. My eBook is live! I started the upload process in the afternoon, and it was live by late evening. Must have been a slow day at Amazon. Or their efficiency is even greater than I thought. If you’re interested in buying copy, search for “Stephen Oliver Unleash Your Dreams” in the search […]