Most of us have heard or read this biblical quotation at some time in our lives. You have to ask God, the universe, and other people for what you want, or no one will know that you want it. In the last few days it has been brought home to me with incredible force.

As I have mentioned once or twice in this blog, I am in the process of publishing a book titled Unleash Your Dreams: Going Beyond Goal Setting. There comes a point where you need endorsements from people to inspire others to buy.

I had been hoping for an endorsement when I received a phone call from the Miracles Coaching team. I explained to the caller that I had already taken part in the course a couple of years ago, and was now putting the finishing touches to my book. The course had helped me remove several blocks to finishing the job. I mentioned to him that an endorsement from Dr Joe Vitale would be heaven-sent. He gave me an e-mail address and told me to ask the young lady responsible. This was just before Christmas, and I heard nothing in reply, so I assumed that my message went under in the pre-Christmas rush.

The New Year came and still I had heard nothing. In the meantime, I had been visualising getting an endorsement, listening to Dr Vitale’s Your Personal Genie recordings every night while falling asleep.  I knew that I would be asleep before they finished, so I set the intent and went to sleep peacefully.

A few days later I serendipitously followed a link that led to Dr Vitale’s blog; the subject of the post was Your Best 2013 Goal. I very cheekily mentioned in the comments that I had two goals I wanted to mention: publishing my book and getting an endorsement from him. He told me to send him a copy, which I did, and he replied in short order that he had received it. Two days later, the testimonial was in my inbox. Thank you very much Dr Vitale, for your time and for your kindness.

And all I did was ask!

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