Another night, another niggle.

Last night I was thinking about the previous post I made, and the differences between needs and wants. Needs are the things we need to survive, especially at a physical level. This view is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where everything is seen as a need. From Maslow’s point of view, that is correct, although recent research calls into question whether this hierarchy is correct, or if there is even a hierarchy at all.

However, many of the things people get twisted up about are wants, as I wrote a few days ago. They act as if their survival depends on getting what they want. No, you don’t need a 27-room house to survive; millions manage with just a lean-to or even a cardboard box. No, you don’t need that exclusive, limited-run champagne; water is the primary drink of the majority of humanity. And no, you don’t need the latest computer console and games; most people have better things to do with their time (at least, from their point of view).

I’m sure you know people just like that, getting into tantrums and acting as if their very existence is at stake, when they don’t get what they want. Young children are that way because they haven’t learnt to differentiate. Maybe these people haven’t grown up yet? They certainly seem to think that the universe owes them something, and they have a right to get it without doing anything for it.

But even wanting can be dangerous. If you want or need something, you are coming from a place of lack or scarcity. Worse, if you keep wanting something strongly enough, the universe will take notice of that and keep giving you situations where you want.

It is much better to come from a position of choice: you are choosing to have or want something. This is a decision you have made and are prepared to work towards the result. This contrasts with the people mentioned earlier, because you know that you have to do something to get what you want. Taking action is good, because it shows a readiness to receive what it is you have chosen.

Having something is good, and if you’re grateful for it, the universe will notice and give you even more reasons to be grateful. How about gratitude for something before you’ve even received it? That’s an even greater encouragement to the universe. Be grateful for what you have and for what you’re going to have, without hanging on to what you want, and the universe will oblige by giving it to you.

So, don’t need, don’t want, just choose to have something and be grateful that you’ll be receiving it, and you’ll get it. How about that?

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