I remember an English teacher once saying that, if you have no idea what to write, you should choose a word and treat it as if it were an acronym. Try to make each letter have something to do with the original word. This is good advice even if you do have an idea what you want to write about.

I wanted to write about time again, but when I recently started thinking about time, I got so many ideas connected with the acronym that I ended up writing the previous several posts on the subject. Now, I’ve finally got round to writing the original post.


Because time is temporal (i.e., measured and of brief duration), everything is automatically temporary. In other words, nothing lasts for forever, not even time. As I’ve written before (Why do We Need Immortality?) things having a limited existence allows them to be experienced with an intensity that would not be there if they were endless.


As I also mentioned in that post, this intensity factor makes all our experiences immediate, i.e., their effect is with and on us right now! The immediacy of the experience is what makes everything important to us. If we had eternity to experience things in, then they would very likely seem very thin, because there would be endless eras between each one. Having these bunched together, their effect is cumulative and, sometimes, overwhelming! Which is all to the good.


Because time happens, events take place one after another, causing movement. Movement implies change, which in turn means there can be evolution, either of physical or of mental and spiritual nature. Without time, there is no possibility for spiritual beings to experience change and evolve and change into different forms. Think of the boredom of not learning new things and not having new experiences…


The end result of all these thoughts is that we can experience emotions, transient changes in state we can enjoy (or not) because they are fleeting. I sometimes think that one of the main reasons we (re)incarnate is because eternity (endless or timeless) is not a place to experience emotions.


In all, TIME is the reason we exist, not only because it allows us to experience so much, but also because we could not evolve and become ever more knowledgeable and knowing without it. Could it be that WE created time, space and everything within simply because we could, and we realised that we could do so much and become so much more than we already were? And then we forgot that we did it, because it would be more fun that way?

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